Modern Wealth Management

Modern wealth management captures your household’s entire capital base, optimally deploying it to support your life’s goals and priorities.  Modern wealth management then turns to the most reliable and vetted drivers of long horizon investment success…diversification, portfolio design and minimizing costs and taxes.  

Conversely, many financial advisors don’t appropriately measure and optimally deploy capital to achieve life’s goals and priorities. How could they?  A recent survey by Salesforce found that only 37% of clients stated their advisor was aware of their life goals.  Unsurprisingly, we find traditional investment advice:

  • Fails to holistically account for a household’s entire capital structure.
  • Doesn’t properly account for risk, as risk hides in many areas of families’ lives. 
  • Emphasizes unreliable and value detracting investment activities
  • Is based upon products that lack flexibility and customization

With a collective industry experience of nearly fifty years, we have closely worked with leading independent financial advisors, institutional investors, asset managers and academics.  Wishing to change an inefficient process, we launched with a “clean sheet”, fiduciary approach leveraging:

  • Simplified reporting and advanced planning technology
  • Advancements in academic finance
  • Custom indexing
  • The scalability in advanced tax management strategies

Source: *2017 Connected Investor Report, Salesforce Research

We experienced these frustrations firsthand. We desired a robust solution for us and our families. And then thought why not do this for others?