How We Are Different

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Lacks fiduciary alignment with proprietary products and opaque fee structures.

Focuses exclusively on investments and ignores a household’s whole financial picture.

Depends on prediction and emphasizes unreliable, value detracting investment activities (i.e. “Picking Winners”)

Is based upon products that lack flexibility, values-based personalization and ignores existing concentrated positions.

Flatrock Wealth Partners

Maintains an independent and objective approach where your interest always come first.

Deploys your household’s entire capital base to support your life’s goals and priorities.


Develops a strategy based on reliable drivers of long horizon success…diversification, portfolio design and minimizing taxes.

Builds your stock market exposure through a personalized portfolio with your family’s unique financial circumstances and personal values.

We started Flatrock with an emphasis on impact. We experienced these frustrations firsthand. We desired a robust solution for us and our families. And then thought why not do this for others?