Circa 1997, when we got into the business, most investment programs were guided by, quoting Peter Bernstein, “rules of thumb and folklore” as opposed to sound theory and reliable data. But, academics and institutional investors alike have helped us make substantial progress. The last twenty years has seen an explosion in understanding markets and reliable drivers of long horizon success. Sadly, much of wealth management still relies upon stories and false narratives. 

We're here to change that.  An educated client is, in our opinion, far more likely to tune out the noise of markets and achieve long-term success.   

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Investors would be wise to shop around and holistically think about their cash allocation.  Cash and equivalents can be boring.  But fee and tax blunders can be avoided with a little bit of preparation.

Monday, May 1, 2023

Recent bank failures and resulting massive capital flows have upended short term investing. We lay out a framework to allow your priorities to drive your cash choices, not the news cycle.  Don't let a good crisis go to waste.