Flatrock Wealth Partners was started by two 25-year veterans of the institutional investing ecosystem who sought to create a comprehensive wealth management solution for their own families. Based in Newport Beach, the firm provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to a select group of high-net-worth families. Flatrock emphasizes the entirety of a family’s balance sheet in crafting a resilient, “whole picture” plan for their wealth. The firm’s investment philosophy centers on an “All Seasons” approach that offers resiliency across a wide variety of economic environments and a relentless focus on after-tax outcomes.

Why We Are Here

Why We Are Here

Our mission is to liberate our clients from the complexity of wealth, empowering them to confidently live their best lives. 


Wealth is the foundation for life’s priorities.  Wealth enables us to be with the people we love, pursue our passions, find our purpose and collectively enjoy vibrant experiences. 

At Flatrock, we ardently engineer the robust, durable, and resilient capital foundation to reliably fund the People, Passions and Purpose that matter most in your life. 

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How We Are Different

How We Are Different

Discoveries in academic finance, disappearing market frictions and technological advancements have fundamentally tilted the odds in investors' favor. 

Yet today’s investment advice hasn't adopted to produce optimal financial outcomes for wealthy families.  Fiduciary concerns,  product focus and a lack of customization  still abound.  

Flatrock Wealth Partners charts a different course. 

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What We Stand For

What We Stand For


As an independent fiduciary, we never lose sight that your wealth works for your family, not us.   


Overconfidence leads to mistakes.  Mistakes erode wealth.


Structure, preparation and process outperform prediction.


Markets fluctuate. Priorities change. We’re always here.


Better financial outcomes enable a more confident and liberated life.

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50 years of diverse investment experience

Across leading global asset managers and investment advisory firms

CFP® professional and CFA® charterholder

Committed to the highest standards of professional excellence

Press and thought leadership

Authored more than 50 publications and cited in Barrons, WSJ, FT and Economist